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    Please check the following page and let me know how can I do the following:

    Boat Test 1

    1) I want to completely hide the section “Boat is suitable for”
    2) Regarding the amenities that aren’t available on a boat, I don’t want the strikethrough feature, I simply don’t want them to be displayed on the page
    3) Top gallery doesn’t open in lightbox, is this possible?
    4) Regarding the booking form, again, I don’t want the strikethrough (Captain Include ….) below it
    5) In Amenities, I have set an icon for each amenity, however, in front end, I only see a tick icon instead of the one I have put in back end
    6) How can I add a new section in Amenities?
    7) How can I rename an existing section in Amenities?

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