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    Hi Kenus,

    The plugin keeps deleting times and not showing them.

    On wednesday and friday there are ‘Jeugdkickboksen 8-12jr’ but the calendar is not showing them. I’ve deleted them, re-added them. But then it just doesn’t show another lesson like ‘outdoortraining’. This only happens at employee ‘Ed Schaper’. My client has completely deleted him and his schedule and added it again. Didn’t work also…

    Huge BUG, as customers cannot sign up for the lessons at the moment, and need an urgent fix.

    As soon as I add a new time into the schedule. It deletes / doesn’t show the old times anymore.

    1. ‘when times are there’ picture, thats how it should be.
    2. ‘when-i-edited-a-time-of-friday’ picture is what the calendar suddenly shows, whole friday not possible anymore.
    3. ‘calendar setup is how the schedule is put. Friday should have days selectable, but it doesn’t show.

    Needs urgent fix… why is this happening?

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