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    I just bought the FAT gallery plugin and it is really great.

    On the other hand I am facing some problems on the gallery

    I only use the galleries justified for this site

    I would like to change the effect when we click on the first photo, I would like to put the Fade effect instead of the default zoom.

    And I would also like to use the bland effect for the transitions between each photos ….

    I configured in the settings tab but nothing changes on the galleries.

    In the shortcodes I added popup_transition = ”lg-fade” but that doesn’t change anything.

    Another thing, when I use the full screen pictogram, it zooms the photo and it doesn’t really put the photo in full screen … the photo is just zoomed in and we don’t see it in its entirety.

    My client is an architect and he is therefore very precise on the design …

    I send you the admin codes in private

    Thank you in advance it’s very urgent I must put this site online quickly.


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