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    Hello !

    The filter “All portfolio” doesn’t work in isotope type
    1) Create a portfolio shortcode,
    2) In tab Filter/sort, set filter type to “isotope”
    3) In tab Data source, set categories to empty (= All categories)
    4) Test the portfolio, click on a category to apply filter then click on “All portfolio” but no thumbnail appears

    In HTML code, the attribute of the “All portfolio” is data-category=””. The javascript checks if the content is a star (*)

    In fat-portfolio/templates/layouts/category.php, line 36
    $category_all = isset($current_categories) && $current_categories != ” ? implode(‘,’, $current_categories) : ‘*’;

    there is a problem because $current_categories is a empty array. $category_all is set to an empty string rather than the ‘*’ string

    can it be fixed ? Thanks !

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