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    I recently buy Fat Event Plugin and I have some questions/problems to solve.

    How can I make a Booking inside wordpress admin dashboard?

    How can import coupons in batch?
    I need to enter a wide list of unique coupons for people who buy tickets in other sistem to make a gift for someone. When someone buy one of this gift card, he/she recibe a unique coupon code that they can use in Fat Event to book the desired date without paying. I need a way to upload in batch a list of coupons introduced in the other system and configured as “Times to use” set as 1, and with a 100% coupon amount. I tried WP All Import, but, seems didn’t do it

    In paypal payment setting I selected “Symbol position” behind price, but, in public site apper in front of price. Seems an error of plugin.

    Where I can translate day names, months names in list view with skin 1? I use po files, but seems that text are not applyed in this design, because If I chango to grid, I see taht this texts are correctly translated with po file.

    There is no possibility to hide individual elements of detaills or list event? I’m doing hiding the specific classes using css, but, I think this is not the better way to do it and maybe exist a diferent way to do it.

    Excuseme for my english level I know that could be better.

    Best regards,

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