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    I have problems with FAT Event when I set up a recurring event. For example, I set up a recurring event which took place at 1pm to 4pm, from 4 to 8 April, Monday to Friday. So I put it this way:
    Start date: 4 April 2022, 1pm
    End date: 4 April 2022, 4pm
    Event repeating: yes
    Repeat: Daily
    Repeat interval: 1 (day)
    Repeat event display: 5
    When I set it up, there was no problem at the front end, it looked good. However, if the date came to 5 April, which means the first day of the event was past, then at the front end, the event was extended to Saturday. And then it came to 6 April, the event would be extended to Sunday.
    Today is 14 April, it keeps extending in that pattern. It seems “today” will always be taken as the first day of the recurring event.

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