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    I have purchased the FAT Portfolio plugin recently, and up until now, I have not faced any issue or query regarding it. Here goes my query, in the first link given below you can see the screenshot of my portfolio page, containing the listing of the portfolio (company logo) using your plugin, and the second link contains the screenshot of the details page of that particular portfolio which is marked in the first screenshot. Now please guide me on how to display the portfolio image (company logo) in the portfolio details page. Not to be confused with image or video gallery feature you provide.

    First screenshot, contains Portfolio listing page – https://nimb.ws/YSuNdP

    Portfolio listing page link – https://photosaloncontest.com/portfolio/

    Second screenshot, contains Portfolio Details page – https://nimb.ws/7fVTIN

    Portfolio Details page link – https://photosaloncontest.com/psc-portfolio/flash-brigade/

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