How to link a specific service to all product models in Revy?

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    Hi RoninWP, first of all I have to say thank you, the plugin so far is awesome!

    I’m busy with a gift project for a friend who has a performance shop. Here’s how things are arranged:

    – Devices > Vehicle Type (Car, Truck, SUV etc.)
    – Brands > Vehicle brands (Toyota, Hyundai, Subaru etc.)
    – Models > Exact Vehicle model & Variant (Hyundai ix35 Executive R2.0 CRDi D4HA (184HP) Manual Transmission, variant 2 etc.)

    Now when it comes to available services:
    Most will have to be created specific to each vehicle; for example: “service kit for C63 AMG” will be one price, and a separate item for a different vehicle. So far so good.

    But.. There is a hand full of items that will be exactly the same across all vehicles (Such as ECU Firmware, Sensor deletes etc.). This means that i have to duplicate 5x different services over 100x since you can only link one service to one product model.

    There are a TON of vehicle variants.

    Is there a better way to do this? maybe i’m missing something?

    (attached – 3x variants of one vehicle, 9x services that do the exact same thing)

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