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    My client wants to export the bookings per day / per service to see the attendance of people in the service per time.

    My client for example gives on 18th of may 2 outdoortrainings, first is at 18:30 (purple colour in screenshot). The second is at 19:30 (green colour).

    Now the export is really mixed for that day as first you get 3x 19:30 slots and then suddely 1x 18:30.

    Can you add an extra filter for the export that you can also select which time slot of the service you want to export for that day, or that the export is more grouped according to time. As now its pretty hard to see from the export who is on what time. This would help huge!

    Also added in an example of how it would be nice to have, if you can create it like that. It will be almost perfect!


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