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    Hi there,

    We seem to be encountering an issue when trying to specify a day of using the calendar widget.

    Baltimore Ferry – Calendar test

    For the calendar linked above we are trying set it up that the June 10:45 event happens every day of the month apart from June 6th and June 13th.

    2022/06/01 10:45 – 2022/06/01 11:15

    Daily 30 days
    Days Off: 2022/06/06 – 2022/06/06
    2022/06/13 – 2022/06/13

    We have this set up using the repeat event option however when the day off is set for June 6th it does now reflect on the frontend.

    We are also trying to implement this same function for the June 18:00 so that it occurs every day apart from June 6thbut again the day off function is not working.

    2022/06/01 18:00 – 2022/06/01 18:30
    Daily 30 days
    Days Off: 2022/06/06 – 2022/06/06

    Any and all assistance with this issue would be greatly appreciated and if you need any further info do let us know.

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