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    I have recently posted on the “colors” post. I found out the issue, I don’t think it is a cache issue. When I clicked ‘edit page’ for the home page (, I used ‘Header 07’ rather than ‘Inherit from page template’. This is because I can’t find the right header in the ‘header template’ section to change the logo. I changed the ‘header template’ to ‘inherit’ and now it is showing the blue color. However, the hover color is not showing now, so maybe you can help me with that.

    Another issue is that in the ‘products’ page, when the ‘inherit’ option is selected, the white background and white font in the navigation bar will clash. And so does the title for the product: “F1 (Black)”. Are there any ways to customize these backgrounds? Do I need to use CSS to manually do it?

    Finally, looks really bugged without a wide image and details about ‘clients’ ‘date’ ‘team’ and ‘services’. Where can I disable the wide image browser and the clients, date etc. items? I can’t edit it like the homepage.

    Many thanks,

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