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    Hi Kenus,

    Firstly well done on the plugin it’s fantastic.

    However, I seem to be having a couple of issues with regards to layouts.

    1. Desktop crypto logos are out of alignment once I load more or scroll past row 25. I have tried both load more and infinity scroll with the same result. please note the first 25 are fine. (I have attached screenshot)

    2. Mobile responsiveness is all over the place (i have attached screenshot)

    on a side note, I noticed you uploaded a new plugin CoinCap Widget, are there any differences between the two?

    Additionally are there any plans for the future to have the plugin create pages for each and every crypto? the reason i ask is, its somewhat teadus work to create a page for each and every crypto then have to create the graph for the piticular crypto then imput the coin information i.e coin discripton. here an exsample of the kind of thing i am talking about:

    Please note i have supplied you access informaion to my site. Any changes you make to the site weather thats plugin or site CSS please let me know what you have done so i have a back up and refrance.

    I look forward your reply.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kind Regards,


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