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    Thank you for this very useful plugin. Would you please add some improvements to it’s code?

    1. Add the ability to override all templates, not just in “skins” folder. I need to override almost all the templates for the needs of my customer, but now I can’t do this.

    2. Add options to disable loading “Font Awesome”, Stripe (and other payment scripts), etc. It would be great to load only the necessary CSS and JS depending on the selected settings.

    3. Add options to disable/hide unnecessary fields in the registration form. For more convenience, you could later add options for renaming most fields.

    4. Is it possible to add an option so that anything (text, not only numbers) can be entered in the “Fee” field? My customer does not need online payment methods. But he needs several options to display the price (for example, “Free”, “$100”, “Call us”, etc).

    Thanks in advance,

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